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TEDx Talks

The Runaway Train of the Skilled Trades Crisis

Susan Frew is proud to have graced the stage of TEDx to discuss her observations and insights on the looming skilled trade crisis. As the Co-owner and President of Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air, Susan speaks from first-hand experience. Throughout her life and even before establishing her own plumbing and HVAC company, Susan has always been part of the trade with her father, a carpenter, and her husband, a plumber. Susan is genuinely passionate about the home service industry. Her accomplishments with her own company have inspired her to share valuable insights and knowledge with other small trade companies. With a background in business coaching, Susan made it her personal mission to help home service companies around the globe. In fact, she has already coached over 17 different trades to great success.

In her TEDx Talks, Susan’s great, well-formed idea centers on the opportunity for women to take on trade jobs. As more and more individuals seek white collar jobs, there is a continuous shortage of skilled workers in the trade that women can take advantage of. Watch and listen to her incredible insight by clicking the link below.

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