Susan gives audiences IMMEDIATE tools! Audiences walk away with a step by step plan for their business!

Audiences walk away with their very own "WOW" factor!

Susan Frew has a passion for helping audiences succeed!

Are you looking to help your members drive change in their organizations? Or re-igniting passion in their teams? Allow Susan Frew to help you.

Susan Frew is a renowned public speaker and business thought leader who has coached over 150 different companies and 17 different trades to great success. With over 20 years of experience as an accomplished businesswoman including her current position as Co-owner and CEO of Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air in Denver, Colorado, Susan offers valuable insights and new perspectives to home service companies around the globe.

No matter what your particular objectives are for your audience, Susan can help turn perceived challenges into opportunities and bring new energy and inspiration to your audience through simple, easy-to-follow approaches.

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Subject Matters Discussed by Susan Frew Speaks

As a dedicated educational speaker and business thought leader, Susan is well-versed in the latest ideas and techniques in the home service industry. However, unlike other public speakers who only read or research about these advancements, Susan speaks from first-hand experience as she applies these new principles and approaches to her own company. Additionally, Susan tailor fits all her speeches to ensure engagement with your team.

Below are some of the topics Susan Frew can discuss in your next company training or event:

  • What Women Want….in their Service Contractor
  • Growing Your Company Using Today’s Cutting Edge Tools
  • The Secret Sauce to a Happy Millennial Workforce
  • The Pufferfish Effect- Secrets to Crush your Competition

Susan can also talk about other subject matters depending on your specific objectives. Please feel free to reach out to us so we can thoroughly discuss your unique needs.

Call her today at (720) 613-6841 to get started.