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Susan Frew Can Set the Right Tone for Your Next Event

If you’re on a search for an inspiring and experienced thought leader in the home service industry, look no further than Susan Frew. A successful businesswoman with over 20 years of experience, Susan offers valuable insights and personal, engaging stories that are memorable, motivational as well as informational. Susan was a certified and trained business coach, driving more than 17 different trades to great triumph including her own company, Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air, the PHC News "Contractor of the Year".

If you are tired of Leadership Speakers that have never lead, or Motivational Speakers that have never had a team of employees, look no further than Susan Frew.

As your keynote speaker, Susan can deliver a dynamic speech that is focused on the theme of your event. She is well-versed in a vast array of subject matters regarding the home service industry from increasing company revenues to keeping the millennial workforce happy, empowering women in the trade, and more.


Most service contractors know that the majority of the decision makers in the home today are women. Although most contractors know this fact, what is being done to appeal to this demographic Understand HOW women chose their contractor, WHY they will call you again and how to appeal to the fastest growing population in the US, the women homeowner. Sunshine has been able to effectively target and capture this market in Colorado by a laser focused approach to their target demographic: women. This seminar will give you action steps to appeal to and capture your #1 customer base.


By delighting its customers, Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air grew 535% in just one year.. The company accomplished this growth using a strategic, laser-focused marketing plan and "12 Points of Love" with its customers. Come and learn Sunshine's "secret sauce" ... and how you can apply it in your business today. This keynote will give you step by step instructions on how to capture reviews, delight your customers and go above on beyond creating the PUFFERFISH EFFEC (and higher tickets!) Susan will give you the "how to" step by step on how to achieve this in any company!


Susan Frew takes you throught the alarming numbers of the workforce shortage in the trades and explores the idea of finding the right WOMAN to fill the job. Susan deliverd this talk to TEDx Cresmoor Park Woman's event in November 2017

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Why choose Susan Frew as your keynote speaker?

  • Susan inspires your audience with REAL stories from a honest, been there, done that approach
  • Susan takes the time to fully understand the flow of your event and your audience (she IS your audience!)
  • Susan is diligent and can ensure a relevant, fast paced and interesting talk.
  • P.S.......She is really funny:-)

If you are preparing for your next company event and in need of a keynote speaker, we encourage you to contact Susan Frew Speaks at 720-538-0566